17 things I learned being 17

Life goes by so fast, it's impossible to keep track. This time last year I was fresh from a trip to disneyland with my friends, worrying about diploma exams and walking the stage at my high school graduation.

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adventures in sweden

Well, I actually did it, I got on a plane and flew off to Sweden to attend a summer bible school in Holsbybrunn. Travelling alone like this has been very out of character and a little crazy for me.

self love

There are days when nothing on me looks right. My hair, my smile, my clothes. All of it seems fake, unnatural. Sometimes I just don't feel right in my own skin. I know everybody experiences days like this, but it is so incredibly important to accept ourselves as we are. 

loss of your life

For a long time, I watched my life fall apart. Now I stand watching the pieces fall into place. It is beautiful, but it wasn't easy. I had to make the decision to move on.

be unselfish

In a world full of horror and lacking love, sometimes the only thing we can do is be kind. You can never be too important to be nice to somebody.  Love is selfless- It's not about you. The world tends to knock us all down every now and then- we have to pick people up... Continue Reading →

half love

To me, loving somebody means accepting them as they are, all flaws included. It means choosing to help them even when they're irritating, even when they're a hysterical mess and all you want to do is turn the other way. Sometimes it's a choice- to admit you're wrong, put your pride aside, and pick them... Continue Reading →

walking contradiction

In this world, we're always told to pick a side. Have a preference, a set opinion or a signature style. A way of being. However, there are always those who seem unable to choose. Are you one of them?

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