walking contradiction

In this world, we’re always told to pick a side. Have a preference, a set opinion or a signature style. A way of being. However, there are always those who seem unable to choose. Are you one of them?

I’m one of those girls. I struggle with making the smallest decisions. I’m extraordinarily ordinary- but I will never choose just one way of being Alicia. I like things neat and organized, but you’ll find my room a mess in the mornings. I love all things beauty- smokey eyes and dark lips- but I prefer a fresh face some days. I like dressing up for occasions- little black dresses with high heels. Other days I’m wearing jeans and a flannel, beat up sneakers, messy hair, and sweatpants with a superhero t-shirt. I like the sounds of smooth jazz, big band, swing, folk, indie and even the catchy pop songs on the radio. I’ve never had a favourite subject. I love to write, the words flow without me trying. I love the sciences- learning how nature functions so harmoniously is beautiful to me.

I could spend a life up in the rocky mountains, with the clean air and the lakes. I could spend another life by the sea and the sand. I want to travel- I want to run off and see the world, take it in all at once, and then come home to the comfort of my own bed to spend a night in watching tv. I want to run, hike, swim, and explore, and then lie on a beach somewhere and not do a thing. I love the big cities, with the crowds and the noise and the lights. I love my hometown- it’s just the right size and it has a little bit of everything. I want to see the sunrise, and the sunset. I like walking in the snow when it’s bitterly cold, but I’ll run outside to stand in the rain.

People want will want you to choose; to be neat or messy, mature or carefree. The things is, there’s just too much out there for me to enjoy. I will never choose- between coke and pepsi, coffee or tea, early bird or night owl, vintage or modern, spring, summer, winter or fall. I will always like chocolate and vanilla, cats and dogs, books and movies. The world is full. It is so incredibly full with so many wonderful things, so I will never choose just one every single time. There is peaceful, and there is wild- I am both, Sometimes being yourself means being a walking contradiction. People will want to pin you, they’ll want to put you in a category. Let them try if that pleases them- the truth is we all like a little bit of everything. Some of us are more confused than others, and that is okay. If anything those people enjoy more of life than anybody else- that is something very special. So yes, I try on way too many outfits in the fitting room, and I take ages to order something off the menu. That’s just fine with me.


Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual.

-Ernest Hemingway

This post was inspired theconfusedsoulsree. She has a great blog, check her out!

2 thoughts on “walking contradiction”

  1. Such a great write-up 😍
    I loved what you wrote, this definitely explains what we have inside our mind. It feels so good to meet a fellow blogger with similar mindset πŸ˜πŸ’ Thank you so much for the shout out, I am honoured πŸ’ I am following your blog and hope to stay in touch 😊😊😊😍

    Liked by 1 person

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