half love

To me, loving somebody means accepting them as they are, all flaws included. It means choosing to help them even when they’re irritating, even when they’re a hysterical mess and all you want to do is turn the other way. Sometimes it’s a choice- to admit you’re wrong, put your pride aside, and pick them back up. We all deserve real love. It all seems so simple- and yet it is not.

I don’t want half love. I don’t want to be halfway. I don’t want to waste my time at the edge, wondering whether or not I should jump. I am all or nothing- either come close or stay away. Tell me about the one time you got detention in junior high, or the crazy things you did as a little kid. Don’t make small talk with me- I want to hear the names of your kindergarten teachers and childhood best friend.Look me in the face and tell me why I’m wrong. I know I’m stubborn but I respect everything you say. I want to know what you really believe in.

I want you to look at me- really look, and see my happiness. I want to be able to just be with you, just sit together without saying a word. I want to feel wanted, without becoming a possession. I want to fight with you, and then forgive afterwards. I want to encourage you in everything you do- if you’ll do the same for me. The minute I need to fight for love, I know to walk away. I shouldn’t have to work to get you to care about me. Nobody should. I may be too much- too soft or too concerned, but that’s me. I want you to accept me without trying to change who I am.

I want to grow with love, not fall into it. I want you to know how much I care about you- I want to find unconditional love with you. I’ve been broken before, so I’m not going to compromise. I am too full of life for half-love.


you deserve something you don’t have to question. you deserve someone who is sure about you.

-r.h. Sin

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