adventures in sweden

Well, I actually did it, I got on a plane and flew off to Sweden to attend a summer bible school in Holsbybrunn. Travelling alone like this has been very out of character and a little crazy for me.

When I first arrived I didn’t know a single person here, I am one of three North Americans and 10 english speakers out of twenty three students. I cannot explain how rewarding the experience of living among so many different cultures is. I have learned so much about people, God and the world by being here.

Sweden is so beautiful, full of cute cafes and incredible nature. This country seems to be the perfect mix of quaint small towns, breathtaking outdoors and trendy cities. I truly grew to love every bit of this place being here.

I spent most of my days hiking, canoeing, swimming, berry picking, biking, and exploring. I really feel I’ve learned to appreciate all the small things in life- going back to basics, being barefaced and barefoot out in the countryside.


Stockholm was a highlight for me. This city is so hipster and full of life. We spent a whole day in Gamla Stan (the old town) which was so beautiful. We also checked out the artisans district Södermalm, which was full of cool little novelty shops. Café Tartån is a tiny coffee shop with a secret courtyard seating area in the back- one of my favourite places in the city. Another highlight was Fotografiska,  the Swedish museum of photography. The exhibits rotate through every few months, and the top floor houses an amazing cafe which overlooks the water.


I have always been a bit of a homebody. I love my city, I love being in Canada. This was the first trip where I felt I didn’t have to go home. I could see myself living in Sweden, just because little Holsby has become a second home to me. I could not be more happy with the experiences I had and the things I saw.  The friends I’ve made here are for life, and I know I’ll be back one day.  I am so happy I took the risk and came here- I was looking for adventure and I found myself in a place where I belong.

Thank you Holsby, for growing me as a person and giving me a summer I’ll never forget.


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